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Chef Federico Begliatti of Dolomites Ranch offers an intimate exclusive gourmet dining experience in the comfort and convenience of your home. The service directed mainly to the Taos Counties and to the Southern Colorado ones offers  the chance to share a memory instead to just have a meal. Whether it's a romantic get together with a loved one, a dinner party with friends, a celebration of a special occasion or a business dinner, Chef Federico will delight all of your senses with his unique and charming style, menus and presentation.There is a 100$ Consultation and Set up fee in order to prepare the dining experience according to your location and the relevant logistic of your home. Federico will visit you first and check with you what needs to be done. In total respect of your place and of your privacy Federico will eventual brings tools and all the necessary things you may not have available. Than you just have to sit down and enjoy the experience. The service includes all the relevant cleaning from the china to the kitchen and your home will be left brilliant as was before.

The cost of the gourmet dinner is 84$ per person, beverage not included. Due to the time of preparation you will be asked to choose one menu per couple.

Please call or email for availability.

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