Dolomites Ranch

Built of spruce and pine, the sauna has three levels of benches and a small window with a spectacular view of Culebra Peak to the northeast of the Ranch. Because the Dolomites Ranch altitude is near 9000 feet, your heart rate will increase even under normal conditions. As you may know, saunas increase cardiac activity, also.

Consequently and for safety reasons, the temperature of the sauna will have a range of 140 to 160 degrees Farenheit and not the normal range of a sauna at sea level that is 160 to 180 degrees Farenheit. Due to the dimensions of the sauna, which accomodates up to 6 people, it takes up to one hour for the sauna to reach the appropriate temperature. Please be sure to notify the manager at least one hour before you would like to use it.


Sauna Window looking out on Culebra Peak

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